Begin Your Journey

As a coach and consultant Lucas Mack has worked with hundreds of leaders and executives across the country, helping develop vision, craft strategy and define the story that empowers people to live a life of passion and purpose.


Personal Coaching

What holds every person back is their limiting beliefs and unhealed trauma. Lucas Mack’s process of developing vision, your why, and the path toward freedom has helped hundreds of people find their purpose.

Believing where love is present, truth will come forth, making us personally free, Lucas Mack’s judgement free approach to coaching allows people to unpack what’s really beneath the surface so that you can stand in your power.

Executive Coaching

As a former Media Executive and Management Consultant for Fortune 500 companies, Speaker, Author, and Host Lucas Mack specializes in helping executives build positive and inspired work cultures that builds lasting relationships with customers and employees alike. Invigorate and strengthen your team. Drive more sales. Experience greater employee satisfaction driving greater client satisfaction.