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Lucas Mack Speaking at Madaraka Festival

Ending the Cycle of Trauma & Abuse—One Word at a Time

We live in a world where varying degrees of personal trauma are inevitable. Heartbreak. Rejection. Humiliation. It’s all a part of life.

What isn’t inevitable? What isn’t normal? Abuse and severe trauma. Yet, so many children experience it, and so many adults carry memories of it.

It goes unspoken. It goes unaddressed. It goes unhealed. And so the CYCLE of abuse continues—from one generation to the next.

THIS is where that stops.

As human beings, and especially as men, we have to do the work to heal from the traumatic moments in our lives.

Not only because we live endlessly limited and programmed by them, but because they impact how we show up for our loved ones.

They impact how much of ourselves we reveal. How much we can love. How much presence we have the capacity for.

My talks are devoted to awakening audiences to the need to OPEN UP, to SPEAK THE TRUTH, and to allow trauma into the light.

We need to stop letting the macho image of masculinity dictate how we relate, how we feel, and how we function.

This is my work. This is my message. This is my mission. I’m available for keynote engagements, retreats, and more.



For Non-Profits

The Pain Stops with Me: How to Heal Through the Power of Vulnerability

Even the most broken possess something so unique that the “unbroken” do not have. That is the power of healing. Something so strong that it has the ability to ignite and spread powerful change unlike anything we have seen. At the end of the day, those that have healed mean they have experienced and lived the worst of the worst which fuels them to uncover and share the best of the best. When we have the ability to share nothing but the best, then social change is inevitable, seemingly untouchable. I want to share how we can revolutionize the Golden Rule and create a movement to rethink how we address the treatment of one another, remembering love allows truth to come forth which results in personal freedom.

Becoming a Vulnerable Hero: Redefining Masculinity in Today’s Volatile World

We don’t need more macho men unwilling to address pain and trauma; we need more courageous liberators of souls. We need more unconditional love and people willing to show it in order to create an environment where truth has permission to emerge. We need more authentic humans that stand in the face of fear to initiate fiery change and true healing. Lucas delivers the path to redefine masculinity and be the change you want to see.

For Men’s Health

What Legacy Are You Leaving? Creating a Generational Ripple Effect

Every thought and action we have makes a ripple effect, either positive or negative. Our ripple effect turns into our overall legacy. Which legacy are you building right now? In this talk find out how to leave a leave a legacy worth leaving and one that positively impacts future generations.

Healthy Anger Comes From Love

Where does anger come from? When is anger okay and when is it not? Also, how do we heal areas in our own lives so we can stop the anger? This talk resets our common understanding of anger, it’s impact and how to use it to serve our families, our communities and our workplace.

For Corporations

Radical Transparency: Inspiring Engagement from Top Down and Bottom Up

Inspired co-workers inspire co-workers. In this talk gain the knowledge and tools to make radical changes in your culture by using the power of narrative and peer recognition to decrease turnover and increase engagement. Learn how the power of vulnerability enrolls co-workers to live and work with integrity and become leaders and change agents inside your organization. Lucas Mack has spoken to businesses and associations across the country, helping them with a new way to conduct employee engagement plans as well as how to ensure accountability across your entire company. With real world stories and examples Lucas gives a clear call to action for the steps needed in everyone’s company to harness the power of radical transparency.

The Beauty of Humanity is The New Marketing

In order to build relationships, we need three key ingredients, we must know, like and trust someone. When it comes to marketing and driving sales there is a missing ingredient that companies struggle with both on the external outbound marketing, but also internal marketing to employees around the purpose and vision of the company. In this talk Lucas provides practical steps business leaders can take in order to get the results they want while at the same time reducing turnover and increasing employee engagement.

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