The Golden Rule Revolution

Discover how to live a life full of love and gain the power to make social change from people who are difference makers and how to apply those lessons in your life. Join author, speaker, entrepreneur and former TV reporter Lucas Mack as he shares thoughtful ideas and inspired stories from leaders who are making a difference on the planet.

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Episode #33 - Living In Your Vision

King Solomon said, "Where there is a lack of vision, the people perish." That said, what is the vision for your life? Do you have one? If so, what is holding you back from living it? In this episode find out why vision is so important and what you can do to step into your vision and live your life and no one else's.

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Episode #31 - True Forgiveness is Thanking the Person Who Caused You Pain

By acknowledging every single person who has caused you pain for the perfect role they played in your life to shape you into the powerful person you are today, you not only free yourself from the pain, but you also perform the true act of forgiveness. We all get to choose daily whether we will stand in our power and love, forgive, and heal those we come in contact with, or if we still crouch low in fear, pain, and trauma. Choose love. Choose forgiveness.

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Episode #25 - Have You Been Hit in the Name of Love?

This I feel is my most important message yet! Were you hit as a child in the name of love? Many of us have grown up in confusion and fear where the word love was directly correlated with being struck with either a hand or an object. It wasn't okay then and it's not okay now. Find out how to heal from the pain and why we get to be the generation to stop the perpetual abuse of love.

Lucas Mack The Golden Rule Revolution

EP 35 - From Hosting American Ninja Warrior to the TEDx Stage with Alex Weber

From Hosting American Ninja Warrior to the TEDx Stage, Alex Weber teaches the lessons he's learned in facing adversity and how we can all overcome. Alex’s pedigree includes being an active World Record Holder, 5x TEDx Speaker, American Ninja Warrior, and one of the youngest coaches ever to be awarded US Lacrosse Coach of the Year honors.