The Vulnerable Hero

We don’t need more macho men unwilling to address pain and trauma; we need more courageous liberators of souls. We need more unconditional love and people willing to show it in order to create an environment where truth has permission to emerge. We need more authentic humans that stand in the face of fear to initiate fiery change and true healing. Be the change you want to see. It starts with love. It starts with you.

Become your own Vulnerable Hero.

Lucas Mack The Vulnerable Hero

EP4 Our Perfection is Found in Our Brokenness with Lucas Mack

Brokenness is actually the process of becoming perfect. Whatever you have gone through, whatever has happened to you has been for you to experience the profound power of love and healing. Find out why and how you can experience beauty after your brokenness!

The Vulnerable Hero Lucas Mack
Lucas Mack The Vulnerable Hero

EP3 Badge of Honor or Shackles of Shame? with Lucas Mack

Are you letting your past pain and trauma be a badge of honor in your life? Do you think of what you went through with pride, yet never addressed the pain you truly felt when you were going through it? Be careful of the trap of using it as a badge of honor when you haven't gotten healing in those areas. If you aren't vulnerable and willing to open up fully, then that badge of honor is really your shackles of shame. Learn how to be free in this episode!


EP2 Silencing Fear and Standing in Power with Lucas Mack

How to combat insecurity and fear and truly live a life of power by standing in the power of love. Lucas Mack shares what our ego does to keep us bound in time and space and what you can do to combat the fear and be free to make the biggest impact with everyone you encounter.

Lucas Mack The Vulnerable Hero

EP1 The Vulnerable Hero with Lucas Mack

Welcome to The Vulnerable Hero Podcast Episode #1 with host Lucas Mack. This podcast is about defining vulnerability as the courage to experience love in its purest form. Lucas Mack says there is a vulnerable hero waiting to come out inside all of us. Find out in this episode how to bring forth your vulnerable hero! "There is nothing that you've done that cannot be forgiven. There is nothing that's been done to you that you can't forgive." - Lucas Mack