Lucas Mack


IT’S TIME—to stop letting the past rob you. Of your power. Of your freedom. Of your capacity for love.

Everything you really want—real joy, relief, success—lives on the other side of facing and healing what hurt you the most.


Welcome, I’m Lucas Mack

Million-Dollar Business Owner Turned Author, Speaker, & Healing Catalyst

Just know that I’m high-fiving you through the computer screen right now. Because the fact that you’re here means you’re ready to attack the concrete wall that stands between you and the life you really want. Not just success, recognition, or money, but the euphoric feeling of relief, peace, and joy. I specialize in helping men reclaim their lives through their past, leveraging a signature methodology that I developed after finding freedom from my own past.



Personal freedom starts with experiencing the fullness of love. I work with men who are committed to their personal freedom. I believe that our powerful stand in vulnerability, combined with courage to experience love in its purest form, propels our life to new levels of freedom and gives others permission to do the same. 



Join me on an intentional and powerful retreat for men ready to step into their power. I lead and facilitate retreats designed to create safe spaces where men can be vulnerable and experience massive breakthroughs, which allow them to stand powerfully, in their truth. This is an experience that quickly becomes a foundational piece to freedom.


“Vulnerability is the courage to experience love in its purest form.”

Lucas Mack