Lucas Mack


Become Your Own Vulnerable Hero


Your Freedom Begins Here



Lucas Mack has spoken across the country to diverse audiences including enterprise sized companies, national associations, colleges, prisons, and non-profit audiences. Lucas has used his speaking to effectively teach hundreds of people how to experience personal freedom through the power of love. Book Lucas to speak at your next event.


Personal freedom starts with experiencing the fullness of love. Lucas Mack works with people who are committed to their personal freedom. Lucas believes that our powerful stand in vulnerability, combined with courage to experience love in its purest form, propels our life to new levels of freedom and gives others permission to do the same.


Lucas Mack leads intentional and powerful retreats for men to step into their power. Lucas created a safe space where men can be vulnerable and experience massive breakthroughs, which allow them to stand powerfully, in their truth. This is an experience that quickly becomes a foundational piece to freedom.


Voice of Healing

For the past 15 years Lucas has been deeply connected to speaking and writing messages of hope and healing to the broken. Through workshops, prison work, ministry and music, he’s helped people ignite the awakening within themselves to experience personal empowerment, clear vision and a purposeful life. Join him in finding your own voice of healing.


Inspiring Hope & Healing

As a speaker Lucas Mack has given talks across the country inspiring audiences to treat people like people and nothing less. Believing that healed people have the greatest power to make social change, Lucas has delivered keynotes talks that inspire change. As a former TV reporter and media executive, Lucas brings his years of story telling to deliver messages that resonate, inspire and heal people from past pain that holds them back from living lives of purpose and passion.


“Your soul is waiting to be free and love is waiting for your soul.”

Lucas Mack


Men’s Retreats

Lucas Mack leads weekend retreats for men to experience a safe place where they can get real, raw and unbottle all that’s been stuffed inside. Helping men heal from pain and trauma allows them to find clarity, purpose and vision.

In a confidential community, you will be empowered to define your powerful message and learn practical exercises to remove limiting beliefs. Find out how you can be a change agent for your life or the life of your family and friends.



Begin Your Journey Towards Freedom

A life of freedom and purpose is available to everyone who takes the vulnerable step towards unconditional love, personal truth, and healing. Through speaking, coaching and retreats, Lucas Mack’s message of becoming the vulnerable hero in your own life will inspire you to live a life of reconnection, purpose and legacy.