Lucas does a great job proving real life principles through personal stories and leaves me with a sense of clarity and allows me to see the bigger picture in life. His message has improved my results at work, elevated my relationship with my family, and personally created a revolution in my soul.
— Michael Mlakar, Senior Director at NIKE

I heard you speak today and I must say, you were so inspirational. I wish you were running for President as you would have my vote. You nailed what is wrong with our society today. Thank you for your words and I will challenge myself everyday to live by those words that you so well spoke!
— Elizabeth S.St. Elizabeth Hospital

Lucas stands in his leadership powerfully as he paints a picture of what it would be like living in a world where everyone leads with love.
— Brandon Burho, Make San Diego Home

Lucas has the personality that instantly lifts the mood of everyone around him. He has the ability to motivate without trying. He can help you find the story behind your company and what makes you different from those around you.
— Richard Brown, President of The Box Maker

I am excited about the impact this book will have on the many lives who seek to be great. Certainly Lucas Mack continues to demonstrate strong communication and leadership, drafting a message we all need to hear and be encouraged by.
— Josh Dunn, President of Premier Media Group

I want to thank you again for speaking to our chamber. Your message was so inspiring and refreshing. You’ve honestly changed my world for the better.
— Martha B, Advertising Sales Consultant

Thank YOU for spellbinding presentation!! Your focus on Millennial generation communication profoundly resonated with the audience. Comments I heard (and the silence was also voluminous with some of the audience – my guess is they were in deep self-examination or denial) was “Wow! That was awesome!”, “Man, I needed to hear that.” The energy and passion showed as the entire audience was “locked in” with what really is a timeless, continuous, repeating loop message of defining and communicating the organization’s WHY to the staff and potential clients, creating that emotional bond of mission and purpose that Millennials (and all of us). Thank You AGAIN!!
— Jerry Gray, Sloan Electromechanical Service & Sales

Lucas Mack has qualities you rarely find in a person but are always seeking. When you read Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face, you will get the honesty, real-world application, and the guidance you’ve been seeking to help you develop YOUR story and live the life you want to lead.
— Marshall Macias, CXO of Sanmar
People spend years chasing their dreams blindly, based solely on what they see others doing on television or in the mainstream media. Lucas Mack is dead-on with his techniques for achieving satisfaction in life, without wasting time. Lucas Mack is a true leader who knows how to motivate and inspire others.
— James Keith, Assistant News Director, KENS-TV