Drop the Armor. Face the Trauma. Heal Your Life.

Freedom doesn’t come from running away or ignoring your pain, it’s comes from facing your greatest demons, your greatest fears, your greatest wounds—and slaying them with two of life’s greatest weapons: LOVE & VULNERABILITY.

There was an event—or series of events—in your past that most people in your life don’t know about. Not even your partner or closest friends.

And that’s because this chapter—or moment— in life not only caused an incredible amount of trauma but brought you a lot of shame.

That shame and those memories still stir inside you, but you’ve become a master at burying them, hiding them, holding them at a distance.

And yet… there it lives on. Stored in the cellular makeup of your body and imprinted in your mind.

While you vowed to never touch it again, to never feel it again, to never look at it again—because that part of your life is in the past…

…it’s very much a part of your present.

Even though you hit “delete” on those painful memories, they still flash into your mind. So do the feelings and emotions.

The fear.
The depression.
The anxiety.
The anger.
The despair.

When you least expect it, you feel it bubble up in your chest and strike—knocking you down and taking you out.

Whether you realize it or not, it influences how you show up in relationships, in conversations, in every moment.

And no matter how successful you become, how many boxes you check, how much you perfect and control your life—it’s a ball and chain that hangs heavy.

Robbing you of true joy, true love, true success, and the truest version of YOU.

Now, though?

You want to grow beyond it and to be FREE. To stop working so hard to outrun, outsmart, and avoid. And instead pour that energy into something much more powerful…

Facing the beast. Attacking the beast. And healing from the oldest of wounds. It’s time and that’s why you’re here.


You’re about to embark on a transformational journey.

It will feel like you can breathe again.
It will feel like you have nothing to hide.
It will feel like you never have to pretend.

And most of all, it will give you access to deep levels of joy, peace, and love—something you might have never experienced before.

I’ll Be Your Guide, Your Coach, Your Safe Haven

I GET you because I WAS you—for decades.

My life looked great on the surface, yet underneath, I was carrying massive amounts of trauma, abuse, and pain in my psyche.

It made me depressed, anxious, and suicidal—and I thought that if I just kept moving, kept hustling, kept fighting, it would disappear.

No luck.

So, I decided to swallow my fear and face head-on what I’d hidden from everyone in my life—the unspeakable abuse I experienced as a child.

It was in revealing myself—getting insanely vulnerable in an unconditionally loving space—that I broke the cycle and felt massive relief.

What I realized after initiating my own healing, my own freedom from this past trauma was that there are 5 Steps to Healing.

STEP 1: Face It. Don’t turn away from your trauma, pain, or abuser

STEP 2: Speak to It. Say what happened ad what you want to say to that person or pain

STEP 3: Surround Yourself with Support. Experience unconditional love.

STEP 4: Release All Emotion. Scream, cry, let it out of your body.

STEP 5: Drop Your Walls. Open to receive love.

This is the process I’ve developed for YOU.

How We Can Work Together

Attend a Live Experience

I host both intimate and large-scale group experiences for men who are ready to attack their trauma and leverage the powers of vulnerability and love.

Check out my upcoming events here.

Private Coaching (Limited Availability)

I also coach a small number of clients privately who are looking for personalized support in addressing past trauma and abuse.

This is for you if… you’re ready to break the cycles that hold you back and finally lift the burden off your shoulders that you’ve been carrying most of your life.

Apply for my next coaching availability here.