Lucas Mack as a Featured Guest


Suffering is Caring, Vulnerability is Strength: The Dialogues Podcast with Evan Thomsen

Topics: Vulnerability is strength. What does vulnerability say about our ability to grow, learn, and develop? What is suffering, and is it necessary or can it be avoided? How do different philosophies and religions view these topics? Why does our society seek to blame, rather than to heal or understand? The importance of gratitude.


What We Permit We Promote: The Dialogues Podcast with Evan Thomsen

Topics include: - Civility & effective dialogue - Trump - Immigration & family separation - Facts vs Truth - Need for humility in media - How to do more than simply point out problems


Meet the Masculine Series with Lucas Mack

"How can the hurt get healed?" On this Episode of the 'Meet the Masculine' Series I sit down with my brother and POWERHOUSE leader Lucas Mack to discuss healing, working through trauma and how LOVE can REALLY heal...


Training Unleashed Podcast #56: Evan Hackel with Lucas Mack

A thought leader in the marketing and communication field, Lucas Mack discusses how to develop your brand story to reinvigorate your organization’s culture. Lucas is a communication expert with over 10+ years of experience.