A Safe Place for Men to Process the Pain

Lucas Mack leads intentional and powerful retreats and legacy experiences for men to step into their power. He creates a safe space where they can be vulnerable and experience massive breakthroughs, which allow them to stand powerfully, in their truth. This is an experience that quickly becomes a foundational piece to freedom.

This unique program has been designed for men who are searching for personal healing, spiritual reconnection and legacy building.  To support those individuals who are hungry for change and are committed to doing challenging yet rewarding work.  We focus on five core areas:

  • A richer understanding of ourselves through our own stories by standing in the power of vulnerability, love, and courage.

  • A deeper connection to our roles as fathers and partners by gaining the knowledge and wisdom of how to be the protectors, loving humans and examples we are meant to be.

  • A clearer outlook on career, professional growth and purposeful work by allowing us to uncover the passions that drive our greatest thinking and drive for success.

  • A stronger vision for health and wellness by rediscovering what motivates us to move, stay active, feel good, eat better, combat stressors and find fulfillment.

  • A greater foundation for friendships and healthy relationships by identifying the tools needed to develop a supportive tribe or inner circle of like-minded souls.

In a confidential community, you will be empowered to define your powerful message and learn practical exercises to remove limiting beliefs. This defines the recipe for becoming a change agent in your life or the life of your family, friends and community.


The Vulnerable Hero Retreat is NOT for:

  • Individuals who have been diagnosed with mental illness seeking medical treatment.  We are not doctors or licensed therapists, but men supporting men through their own personal journey of healing and well-being.

  • Men specifically looking for business and networking opportunities.  While making strong personal connections is a large part of our work, we did not design this program for closing deals.

  • People who have been forced into thinking this is for them.  Referrals are welcomed and a core part of our community, but this retreat is architected for those who want to be here and put the work into it, not pushed into to please someone else.

  • Men who are not willing to get vulnerable, share personal stories, appear emotional in front of others or who are not willing to participate in group exercises.

The Vulnerable Heroes Retreat Overview

What to expect

  • Two, 4-day retreats 90-days apart (participants must attend both to join)

  • Located in the beautiful Cascade Mountains, 2-hours outside Seattle, WA

  • Small group coaching, exercises, personal growth sessions and storytelling

  • Lodging, food and activities, such as fishing, hiking, games and more included

  • Development of a “Personal Legacy Plan”

  • Weekly group accountability check-ins

  • Monthly coaching with Lucas Mack

  • Membership to the private Vulnerable Hero Legacy Community

For additional questions or inquiries regarding the experience click here.

2019 Retreat Dates

VH1 (Vulnerable Hero Class 1) - SOLD OUT

  • Weekend 1 May 24th-27th

  • Weekend 2 August 23rd-26th

2020 Retreat Dates

VH2 (Vulnerable Hero Class 2) - Five Spots Left

  • Weekend 1 Dates coming soon

  • Weekend 2 Dates coming soon

VH3 (Vulnerable Hero Class 3) - Only Six Spots Available

  • Weekend 1 Dates coming soon

  • Weekend 2 Dates coming soon