Lucas Mack crafts every keynote to produce insightful, lasting impact for attendees.


For Non-Profits

Keynote Title: Breaking the Cycle: Healing from Generational Abuse

Were you hit as a child in the name of love? Many of us have grown up in confusion and fear where the word love was directly correlated with being struck with either a hand or an object. It wasn't okay then and it's not okay now. Find out how to heal from the pain and why we get to be the generation to stop the perpetual abuse of love.

Keynote Title: How Healed People Have the Power to Make Social Change

Even the most broken possess something so unique that the “unbroken” do not have.  That is the power of healing. Something so strong that it has the ability to ignite and spread powerful change unlike anything we have seen.  At the end of the day, those that have healed mean they have experienced and lived the worst of the worst which fuels them to uncover and share the best of the best.  When we have the ability to share nothing but the best, then social change is inevitable, seemingly untouchable. I want to share how we can revolutionize the Golden Rule and create a movement to rethink how we address the treatment of one another, remembering love allows truth to come forth which results in personal freedom.

For Universities

Keynote Title: How to Land Your Dream Job by Developing Your Personal Brand

From the job search to the resume to the interview, the secret to landing your dream job lies in the power of story. Lucas Mack gives the steps to develop a personal brand from your story and shares how to discover purpose from your story.

Keynote Title: Heart Led Leadership in the Age of Big Data

When data is more prevalent than ever, where does that leave the human side of decision making? Lucas Mack delivers a message that inspires future leaders to lead from the heart, be more human in the age of big data and create a culture of inspired people who inspire people.

For Corporations

Keynote Title: Radical Transparency – How to Inspire Engagement from Top Down and Bottom Up

Inspired co-workers inspire co-workers. In this talk gain the knowledge and tools to make radical changes in your culture by using the power of narrative and peer recognition to decrease turnover and increase engagement. Learn how the power of vulnerability enrolls co-workers to live and work with integrity and become leaders and change agents inside your organization. Lucas Mack has spoken to businesses and associations across the country, helping them with a new way to conduct employee engagement plans as well as how to ensure accountability across your entire company. With real world stories and examples Lucas gives a clear call to action for the steps needed in everyone’s company to harness the power of radical transparency.

Keynote Title: De-Mystifying Branding to Drive More Sales

One of the most powerful assets your company has is its brand; all of the features unique to your company that distinguish you from the competition and attract consumers faced with multiple purchase options. But how do you build a strong brand and more importantly, use that brand to drive sales?  Lucas Mack will walk through key elements of a successful brand: how to get it and how it can help you increase sales and grow your company. The presentation will include key examples, case studies and an informative Q&A session.

I heard you speak today and I must say, you were so inspirational. I wish you were running for President as you would have my vote. You nailed what is wrong with our society today. Thank you for your words and I will challenge myself everyday to live by those words that you so well spoke!
Lucas does a great job proving real life principles through personal stories and leaves me with a sense of clarity and allows me to see the bigger picture in life. His message has improved my results at work, elevated my relationship with my family, and personally created a revolution in my soul.
— michael mlakar, Senior Director at NIKE