Lucas Mack

tired of dealing with negative cycles over and over again?

For years I tried everything I could to stop the unhealthy behaviors that were keeping me from the life I truly wanted to live. Because I grew up in an abusive home and never dealt with the pain, confusion and fear, I tried to outrun it all. Unfortunately, by not dealing with it, the pain and negative cycles eventually started effecting my wife and children. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom was I able to find the path out of the pain.

That’s why I wrote this book. I know I’m not alone. If you’re anything like I was, you’re striving for excellence and validation in the hopes that eventually you’ll “get there” and finally be at peace. The reality is, only when you take these five steps will you truly be able to find peace and healing and once and for all claim victory over the chains that have bound you to your past and pain. I wrote this book for you!

Now you might be thinking, I’ve had a pretty good life. I wasn’t abused. I’ve come from a good home and I like my life. While that may be the case, are you free and living a life of passion and purpose? If not, then this book is also for you!

When we compare our story and our trauma with someone else's it only keeps us from experiencing our own freedom. Shame like comparison tells us that what we experienced wasn't "that" bad, but in order for us to experience the fullness of our freedom and healing we must ignore what shame says and have courage to face our fears. In this book I walk you through the five practical steps you can take to not only break any negative cycle your struggling with, but also heal from the effects of past pain and trauma.

In this eBook I EXPLAIN how negative cycles form and what are the clear and practical steps you can take to break them.

Here are just a few things that you'll learn:

🔥The five steps to breaking negative cycles

🔥Why unhealed pain leads to negative cycles

🔥How to heal areas you thought no longer effect you

🔥Why the right people can lead to your freedom

🔥What you can do right now to be emotionally free

“I call it my rebirth. This content gave me so much confidence to stand in my own power to fight against fear and stand for love. It saved my life, my family, my kids, my career, and my friends because I said yes and committed myself to being a vulnerable hero.” - Blake Walker

The eBook was written to be used as a guide for anyone wanting to experience more freedom and love in their life. This eBook was written from the fire of my life and refined for you to avoid the flames. The eBook is a compact and digestible manual for anyone craving the way out from the negative cycles and unhealthy behaviors that stem from avoiding what we need the most and that is to face what we are most afraid of facing.

We can’t change the past; however, we can change our relationship to it. Just like we can’t change our beginning, but we can completely transform and rewrite our ending.

It’s time to take the step. This book usually sells for $7.97 but for a limited time I am selling the eBook for $4.97. And, if you buy now, you also get a FREE 30 minute free coaching call with me.