The Solution

Lucas Mack

Your Freedom Lives on the Other Side of Vulnerability

Ha! Vulnerability? It’s likely the last thing you’re into.

As a man.
As a leader.
As a provider.
As an over-achiever.

It’s just a “guy” thing, right? To not go “there.”

But really, the biggest reason you don’t open up about who you really are and what you’ve really been through is because you’ve spent a lifetime keeping those sensitive details hidden, believing they aren’t important.

The pain. The confusion. The “bad events.”

It’s your secrets. Secrets you’d rather forget than let see the light of day.

While you’ve hit the “delete button” in your mind and “moved on,” that history is still living inside you—unaddressed and unhealed, and its effecting your present.

So, there it sits.

Like a ticking time bomb behind all of your responsibilities, hard-working image, and charismatic spirit. A massive loose end.

While you may have been successful at keeping your distance from this part of yourself, it still creeps in and taps you on the shoulder.

The truth, pain, and memories wash over you and fill you with fear, anxiety, and despair. At times, it’s crippling.

And you want out. You want freedom. You want safety.

Even though it scares the crap out of you, you know you have to attack it so that you can truly move on. That’s why you’re here.

I’ve GOT you.

Not only have I been where you are, but I’ve gotten to the other side.

I’ve liberated myself from the wounds of severe childhood abuse through the one thing so many of us fear—getting vulnerable and telling the truth.

Dropping the armor. Dropping the mask. Dropping the macho act.

It’s the only way out. It’s the only way to get free. It’s the only way to heal.

And this is where you discover how.

Meet the 5 Truths of Healing.

My signature process to help you liberate yourself from the shackles of trauma, shame, abuse, and more.

STEP 1: Face It. Don’t turn away from your trauma, pain, or abuser

STEP 2: Speak to It. Say what happened and what you want to say to that person or pain

STEP 3: Surround Yourself with Support. Experience unconditional love.

STEP 4: Release All Emotion. Scream, cry, let it out of your body.

STEP 5: Drop Your Walls. Open to receive love.

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